August 9, 2013

New Holland Brewing Sampler

While in Saugatuck we went to Holland a couple of times, it’s just 10 miles or so up the road. We had dinner at New Holland Brewing and I got to do another beer flight. I skipped the Dragon’s Milk since I’ve had it and can get it easily enough at home.


The numbers start at the bottom (6 o’clock is 1) and go clockwise:

  1. Monkey King Saison Farmhouse Ale

  2. Imperial Hatter IPA

  3. White Hatter Belgian-Style White Pale Ale

  4. Mad Hatter IPA

  5. Beerhive Tripel

  6. Paleooza Michigan Pale Ale

I would happily have a full pint of any of them, they were all very good.

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