Joining the Dollar Shave Club

This Dollar Shave Club service seems to be making the rounds and it happened to be a time when I was running out of blades for my Gillete Mach 3 razor. I’m always amazed at how much the blades cost. The 15 pack at the store is nearly $40. Sure it’s spread over 15 weeks, but it still seems like a lot. So the Dollar Shave Club $6 a month plan sounded interesting.

I fired up Soulver and did some quick math. I gave the classic Mach 3 blades a fair treatment using the price from Amazon if I subscribe to have them sent on a defined schedule, $33.24.

$33.24/15 week = 2.216 $/week
2.216 $/week by month = $9.64
$6/4 week = 1.50 $/week
1.5 $/weekby month = $6.52
$6.52 as % off $9.64 = 32.31%

I’ll happily sign up to save 32% and not have to think about getting blades anymore. Brilliant service and good price. They just need to execute great.

PS: I added my referral code to the link to Dollar Shave Club. If you sign up, I get 1 month free. Not that I’m begging for free blades, but if there’s a bonus to get someone might as well get it. If you have a friend using the service, get their code.

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