November 8, 2012

Dads and Donuts at Berry Patch

Today I got to take Tyler to Berry Patch for pre-school to attend Dads and Donuts day! Tyler was super excited for Dad to come to school with him. We played with Play-Doh while everyone arrived. We then went in and talked to Fireman Tom from the Edina Fire Department. Tyler was sitting up front and volunteered to come up front and try on a fire fighter suit! He was so excited!

He got to stand in fireman boots:

Put on a fireman jacket!

And a real fireman helmet!

After our talk with Fireman Tom we went out front and got to see a ladder truck up close! Tyler posed with Ms. Anita for a picture in front of the truck.

He even got to drive it!

We finished with a delicious donut with another fire truck on the table!

Tyler Family

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