July 17, 2011

Remodel Update Week 6

Week six was a big one! The difference between last week and now is really fun. Last week we had a dirt floor in the basement, now there is cement. Last week you had to take a ladder down the last half of the steps, now there are now steps. Last week they framed the mudroom, now it is enclosed (sort of).

  • The old exterior wall was knocked out in the new mudroom which gave us the first sense for what that intersection will be like. We think it will be great.
  • The egress windows are framed in and the windows will be installed this week! We will be able to see what the light will be like in the family room.
  • Holes have been knocked in the cinder block on the basement wall and rebar put in that goes down the entire length. This week they will pour cement in those channels for additional wall strength.
  • We got our air conditioning working again with the new furnace and condenser on Friday! Just in time for a miserably hot spell!

I’ve been amazed at all the structural engineering that has gone into lowering the floor. The extra 7″ will be worth it though. This week windows get put in and most of the framing happens.

Morgan Remodel 2011 Dear Diary

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