March 15, 2011

My Mobile Data Usage Trends

Now that I’ve upgraded to iOS 4.3 I was itching to enable Personal Hotspot on my iPhone 4. I take the bus to work most of the time and want to use Personal Hotspot to get my MacBook Air and iPad online for the trip. However, both Tammy and I were still grandfathered in to the original iPhone unlimited data plan and AT&T will not let you do unlimited data with the Personal Hotspot feature. I had to move to a metered plan to get the win.

I went on the AT&T website and they now have this great feature that will show you your trends. I consider myself a bit of a data pig and use my phone all the time. The numbers really surprised me.

I’ve never used over 400MB and most of the time fit just around 200MB. That was shocking to me. I am on WiFi at home and work so I guess it makes sense that it’s only my true mobile use, but it still seemed light.

I looked at Tammy’s numbers and they were even lighter.

I was able to move Tammy to a lower plan and save a good amount every month and offset entirely the cost of moving me to a 4GB plan with Personal Hotspot enabled.

The point of this post is to not assume. Look at the numbers. 200MB gets you further than you would think.


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