Improved Workspace with Monitor Arm

My friend Garrick recently posted about an ergonomic improvement to his workspace. He got a monitor arm to get his display up where it worked better for him. Recently I’ve felt a lot of back fatigue and aching and I feel a lot better when I sit up straight. My monitor is typically to low for this though, so inspired by Garrick I ordered a duplicate of his rig. I got the Ergotron LX LCD Arm along with an adapter for the Apple Cinema display.

I have a 30” cinema display that I mounted this on. I had to adjust the tension a lot to hold the big monitor, but my first reaction is that it is way better. Plus, I got a lot of desk space back and flexibility to collaborate with others that come into my office.

I like it enough I may need to get one for home too! (For comparison, that is an 11” MacBook Air next to the display.)

I’m not in love with the cable management, but it works well enough. I could do better with some extra zip ties in a cleanup session.

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