June 19, 2011

Fun Day at Zoo

Yesterday Tammy had a photo workshop at the Minneapolis Photo Center. This was a class that we had gotten her for her birthday. Mazie, Tyler and I had the day and I went to the tried and true plan for a Dad left alone with the kids — to the Zoo we went!

We had a spectacular time. This was Tyler’s very first trip to the Zoo and he went crazy at every animal siting. He particularly loved anything swimming and was ecstatic when the Otters came by him. Mazie had a great time as well and brought her camera along. She took a lot of pictures and posted 100 of them on her website.

Our basic plan for visit revolved around the shark feeding and dolphin show. The shark feeding was packed so we didn’t see much of that. We got great seats for the dolphin show and both Mazie and Tyler sat in awe watching the dolphins perform.

After the dolphins finished we should have headed home for Tyler’s nap, but Mazie really wanted to go on the monorail and I’m a perpetual pushover so we each grabbed a soft pretzel and headed to the monorail. Both kids loved it.

It was a huge success and we all agreed we needed to return to the zoo more often.

Mazie Tyler Family

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