May 24, 2011

Asking For Too Much

Softball season has arrived again and the B-Squad is back out trying to win a game. My softball team calls Dusty’s in Northeast home, and after every game (and sometimes before) you will find us at Dusty’s enjoying a Grain Belt Premium.

Part of our ritual is the jukebox and Dusty’s has now upgraded their jukebox to a fancy new version that has a touch screen display as well as a connection to the Internet to do various things. I would assume it gets new music that way. It also can get messages about what to play from the Internet and there is a handy little iPhone app that you can install for free to control the jukebox. I was eager to give this a try.

I downloaded myTouchTunes to do some remote control of the Dusty’s jukebox. I expected to just be able to install it, connect to the jukebox through some lookup and somehow pick songs. However, it seemed I had to create an account with myTouchTunes to do that. Annoying, but okay I thought. I’ll make an account and I’m guessing you can save some preferences or something for me (although, that could just be done on my phone). So I tapped the Register button to make an account and got this screen.

It was one thing to have to create an account, but why exactly does anyone need to know my age and gender to pick a song on a jukebox? Why is my zip necessary to queue up Black Sabbath’s Ironman. It is not! I closed the application and deleted it. I’ll stick to putting plain old dollar bills in and picking songs.

Seriously, what in the world is myTouchTunes doing here? I think asking for all that information is despicable on its own, but what in the world good is it doing them? If they want popular songs by area, they don’t need my zip. They know where the jukebox is. Why do they care if I’m a guy or gal? Of what possible utility is that to them?

I’ll pass.


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