February 22, 2011

368MB of Ads

It has been a really long time since I used the Wired application on my iPad, but I recently fired it up and bought an issue to peruse. The experience could not have been more frustrating!

First, after I paid for the content, I wasn’t able to download it because my iPad’s storage was full. I use the option in iTunes to fill empty space with music. I had to go delete a movie to make room for a magazine. Somehow a magazine is as big as a movie?

After deleting, the download starts. 368 MB of data. This takes forever. Even on a good, fast Internet connection. About 15 minutes later I still see the bar filling up.

Still waiting. Finally it finishes, and I think I can now finally take a look at what I bought. Oh wait, I guess we have to Install” this too?

About 20 minutes after I started I could browse through far too many advertisements. Don’t think I’ll be repeating this process any time soon.


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