June 19, 2010

First CSA Box of the Season

As many know we try to support local, sustainable food production as much as possible. We’ve tried to do Community Support Agriculture (CSA) shares in the past and have never been terribly proud of our ability to use everything. Additionally, you need to find the right CSA for you and what you are looking for.

Now that we are in the city were only a mile away from Tangletown Gardens and we were pretty excited to find out that they are doing a CSA this year. I signed up right away for a half-share (Tammy’s wise direction to not go full share) and we picked up our first box today.

The first impression is great. The boxes were refrigerated until pickup, something none of our earlier CSAs have done. They have a nice 2-page printout of the package contents with suggestions, which is really helpful for me. And, they had a table full of freshly picked strawberries for sale in addition to the quart in the boxes. If you haven’t had a fresh picked, truly ripened strawberry in a while do yourself a favor and get some. Delicious.


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