February 12, 2009

Photos from Wintergreen Dog Sledding Trip

I finally edited and uploaded the photos from the Wintergreen Dog Sledding Photography Workshop I did two weeks ago with Layne Kennedy. The workshop was amazing on all aspects. The dog sledding was great. The dogs were amazing. Layne did a great job teaching us how to take better photographs, and I truly think I stepped up my photography skills in a significant way from the trip.

At the end of the trip we put together a slide show of 10 shots from the trip that told the story of the trip. Layne really focused on getting us to ask ourselves What are you trying to say with this shot?” when we looked through the viewfinder. It was an interesting learning experience, because I found that I had to really immerse myself in the experience to try and see that story. He also highlighted different types of shots, and thinking about how they will be used down the road. You can check out the PDF of my Wintergreen Experience slideshow.

I also wanted to make more shots available to share with everyone on the web. I put the collection on Flickr and got an even 100 shots. You can see the slideshow right here.

I’m really happy with how they came out. It was great fun, and I really want to push my camera skills further.

Flickr Photography

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