March 6, 2009

Photos from Overnight Website Challenge

Last weekend I made three trips to the Sierra Bravo Overnight Website Challenge to get some photos of the start, middle and end. I lugged a decent bit of gear and tried my first attempt at event photography.

The event wasn’t simple to capture. The room wasn’t very interesting so it was hard to get a decent backdrop on people. The podium where people presented had natural light behind it which made it nearly impossible to photograph. I tried some long exposure stuff and it was a little interesting. All in all, a tough room. I think my favorite shot is the one I took of the Ruby.MN 2.2 Team right before the event started.


I thought there would be more opportunities for pictures of people sleeping but there were surprising few that actually caught any sleep. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get one of the teams to do a human pyramid.

Ruby Photography

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