February 28, 2009

Photographing the Overnight Website Challenge

logo_overnightwebchallenge_small.pngI spent this morning shooting the first of three sessions at the Sierra Bravo Overnight Website Challenge. The guys at Sierra Bravo were nice enough to let me do the event photography. So this morning I strapped on all my gear and shot for a couple of hours as things got underway. I’m going to return late tonight and again very early tomorrow morning to get more of the event.

For the photographically curious I’m shooting with my Canon 40D body. I thought about bringing the Canon 20D for a 2nd body, but the low-light performance on the 20D would limit it’s usefulness. It also highlights that the 20D is probably not a very good second body. I loaded up my Think Tank Speed Belt with a bunch of pouches, packing along:

  • 70-200mm f/2.8L IS

  • 10-22mm Ultrawide

  • 14mm Fisheye

  • 17-85mm IS

  • 580EX SpeedLite with ST-E2 Wireless Transmitter

  • Gary Fong Dome

This morning I shot mostly wide. I did a lot with the 10-22mm as well as the Fisheye. I did some work with the 70-200mm as well for close-ups. The room is difficult to shoot. It’s just a big open space and what little light there is is rough fluorescent stuff.


Tonight I’m hoping the teams will be a bit punchy and get some more interesting shots with people. We’ll see if I can get a team to do a human pyramid.

After I’m done with all three shoots I’ll edit down and put a photo set up on Flickr.

Canon Photography

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