February 12, 2009

Flashback: BigCharts Partnership Portfolio from 1997

We recently converted my home office to hardwood flooring from carpet. Doing this required that the room be emptied, including a big filing cabinet. I decided it was time to do a filter through that filing cabinet and found some fun things from a many years ago. One of those items was the BigCharts Partnership Portfolio from 1997-1998. This was a printed, high-gloss, portfolio item that we shared with clients so they could see how people were using the products. It’s pretty fun to see all these screen shots of sites (many of which are long gone now) from a decade ago. I scanned a copy so others could enjoy.

Some highlights that gave me a chuckle:

  • All the screenshots are so narrow. We all had little, tiny monitors.

  • BigCharts Canada, FTW!

  • Virtual Stock Exchange ended up being bought by MarketWatch, who bought BigCharts.

  • Note the error on the Schwab image (page 10) where the URL is datek.com”. :-)

BigCharts MarketWatch Business

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