June 23, 2009

First Shot at Homemade Ice Cream

Cooking was definitely the action for this years Father’s Day gifts. Tammy signed me up for a couple more of the Grillmaster cooking classes at Kitchen Window. Mazie got me something I’ve wanted to play around with for a while, an ice cream maker. We gave it a go for the first time tonight with a basic vanilla ice cream recipe. Mazie put the ingredients together and I did the measuring, we then poured it into the machine and started it up.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

The machine cranked away and the ice cream slowly came together. The machine has an open top so that you can add ingredients while the ice cream is still mixing, but it’s also handy to dip a spoon in and give the ice cream a test. The final product was delicious and it was a lot of fun to make.

This was a learning batch. I think I should have ran it in the machine a bit longer than I did. It was solid and held in place, but I think I could have gotten it a bit more solid. The biggest thing I learned was that in addition to freezing the ice cream makers bowl, I should also freeze the bowl I’m going to put the finished ice cream in. I placed it in a glass bowl and some of the ice cream melted right away on contact with the glass. Need to keep everything cold!

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