May 18, 2009

ColdSnap Art of Seeing” Photo Workshop

This weekend, thanks to my awesome wife, I got to spend Saturday and Sunday at a photography workshop. The workshop was led by John Gregor of ColdSnap Photography. It was a two day workshop focused on composition as well as technique. We started both days shooting over by Lake Harriet in the Peace Garden and Rose Garden and finished the second half of the day with seminars held at the REI in Bloomington.

I enjoyed the class a lot. John is a talented photographer and importantly a good teacher. Our first day of shooting was miserably cold, cloudy and windy. A difficult combination. The second day saved it all though with beautiful sun and still skies. John had a deep understanding of some technical areas of photography that few people appreciate, notably color spaces.

Here are the photos that I picked as my favorites from the two days of shooting.


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