January 18, 2009

Bamboo Hardwood Floors Installed in Bedroom

Our house was a complete disaster zone this week. We’ve had a number of projects done recently and are about midway through the list. Countertops. Paint. This week we converted our bedroom from carpet to a new hardwood floor.

New Bamboo Floors in Bedroom

We went to Natural Built Home to look at some different options they had. Our house had some existing hardwood floors that were all maple. We weren’t able to find an exact match to those floors that met the environmental criteria that we desired. We started looking more into bamboo as an option. Bamboo is a very strong product, and has the great benefit of re-growing in 6 years, rather than 60 or more years.

We really like the look of the floor. I’m still getting used to walking on it. It seems my mind still thinks I should be walking on carpet in that room. In a couple weeks my office will also be converted from carpet to bamboo as well. That is something I’ve wanted to do ever since we bought the house.

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