August 17, 2008

WordPress iPhone Application and RSD Link

I posted before from the WordPress iPhone application when it was released. Its pretty nifty. When they upgraded it to 1.1 though I could no longer get it to work on my blog anymore. I was mighty confused since it worked for every other blog that is hosted on my server, but not mine.

I finally did some digging into the problem and for some reason my blog wasn’t outputting an RSD link which is needed for the application to find the XML-RPC endpoint. A quick grep -R rsd found the issue.

remove_action('wp_head', 'rsd_link');

That was hiding out in my functions.php file. I removed it and I’m cooking along with the iPhone WordPress application again. Beware if your theme does something similar. Found and fixed just before leaving town!

iPhone WordPress Techie

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