June 5, 2008

Walking Among the Redwoods

It has been a few days since we were up in Crescent City communing with the big trees. The Redwood Forest was one of the most amazing places I’ve been.


We were limited in our Redwood experience. We didn’t hike for hours in the woods. We stuck to kid friendly areas that were well travelled. However, the force of the giant redwoods is so powerful that it takes you aback the second you see them.

There was a word that kept going through my mind as I looked at them and walked amongst them, majestic. These were the kings of trees. This was, in a way, its own Valley of the Kings. These giant trees that can grow over 350 feet tall and live for as long as 2,000 years tower over you emphatically highlighting the scale of yourself. I couldn’t help but think of what has happened in this world in the lifespan of these majestic trees.

I don’t have the talent to express in words the experience so I’m going to leave it at this. I think these photos do a better job.

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