Summer of Love Index

Number of days on the road so far: 14

Mileage on the 2006 Honda Odyssey at the

beginning of the trip: 48,139

Mileage on the minivan at the end of the day, June 2nd: 50,738

Total miles driven during Summer of Love: 2,599

The average number of miles driven per day: 185.64

Fewest miles driven in one day: 0

Approximte CO2 footprint for driving portions

of the trip, thus far: 963 lbs

Cost of fuel for the trip thus far: $481.13

Cost to offset the carbon emissions of the driving

portions of the trip, thus far: $2.41

Cost for fuel per mile driven: $0.1851

Number of hotels stayed in: 6

Total number of photographs taken during the trip so far: 944

Average number of photographs taken per day so far: 67.43

Fewest number of pictures taken in a day thus far: 8

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