August 14, 2008

Reasons to Love Cold Press Coffee

I wrote a little over a year ago about my introduction to cold press coffee. Shortly after that post I got a Toddy Cold Press Brewing System and I’ve enjoyed a decent amount of cold press since then as well as introducing a few people to it.

I’ve been surprised by how few people know about Cold Press and some of the benefits. Many people assume it’s just brewed coffee that is then stored in the refrigerator. That is not the case. The basic cold press is made as follows.

Put 4 cups of water in a container. Pour in 1/2 pound of coffee ground coarse. Add 3 more cups of water. Add remaining coffee grounds. Pour 2 more cups of water over the top. Do not stir. Let sit for 24 hours and strain without disturbing the mix.

This gives you a concentrated coffee mix that you can store in the refrigerator. Why is cold press great?

  1. Cold press is cold brewed and doesn’t produce acid. This makes it easier on your stomach and also makes it very stable. You don’t get mold growing on it even after a few weeks in the refrigerator.
  2. It can be made hot, just add hot water to the cold press concentrate.
  3. It makes the smoothest ice coffee possible, mix ice and concentrate with water to taste.
  4. This is not scientific, but, the caffeine in cold press seems different. The theory is that since there is no heat it is purer. Not sure about that.
  5. Going camping? Cold press can be put in a Sigg bottle and used to make coffee for several days.

Make some cold press and enjoy a variety of drinks.

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