March 25, 2008

New York Taxis Get Computers

I seem to be on a string of complaints about screens being placed everywhere (annoying ads and zip codes. I admit that being the gadget geek I am, I’m surprised by how offensive I find these intrusions to be. This one I’m a bit divided on though. It seems that the majority of New York taxis have gotten these screens installed that give you the weather, news, location and map information and other stuff.

NY Taxi

I find these things incredibly annoying. You get into the cab and immediately start having this thing blast at you. It’s rude. You should have to press it to activate it. Thankfully you can turn it off and I do that with vigor whenever I get into the cab.

However, there is a great value add here since you can now charge the cab fare on your credit card. This is absolutely great. I love not having to figure out the tip and just swipe the card. In fact, on the last business trip to New York this function saved me from expensing $133.01 in cash. Great! Now if they just quit making you sign the receipts!


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