August 11, 2008

Don’s 70th Birthday Party

This past weekend Tammy and her sisters Corinne, Angie and Michelle threw a surprise birthday party for their Dad, Don Olson.

It was a very nice party and Don was totally surprised. Denny and Corinne made some awesome food and about 70 people were there. My job for the event was to get a video together. We did interview scenes with all the girls and mom, along with a bunch of pictures.

Of course if you get people in front of a camera you get some silly moments. I had enough to remix it back into this outtake video.

Angie put a post on her brand new blog about it. This morning I whipped up a quick video from the birthday party itself but I’ve reached my upload limit on Vimeo! Ugh! In the next few days when my quota is reset I’ll put it up.

Birthday Tammy Dear Diary Video

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