December 14, 2008

Dogs Suck

I know they are man’s best friend and all, but sometimes there is just no way around it, dogs suck. Lately this has been applying to Chase more than Izzy. For the last few months he’s been really into eating, well, anything. Mazie’s toys. Books. Stuff we cannot identify after he’s mauled it. The newest one that just amazes us is the dimmer light switch knobs. That’s right. He pulls the knob off the wall and eats it.

Yesterday, after being out of the house for a very short lunch, I was welcomed with this scene at the front door.

Ugh! It’s every bit as bad as it looks. What did he eat? Well, it’s the back of one of Mazie’s cool Jennifer Delong Modern Ultrasuede Chairs.


He had grabbed the seat back cushion and went to town. The most amazing thing about it is that the zipper was opened, and not damaged. It’s like he gently opened it up and removed the foam to have a big foam party with. Unfortunately he did chew a hole in one of the corners so we are hoping the seat back can be replaced.

I really hope he grows out of this chewing festival soon. We’ve got dozens of toys around for him to eat, but those generally are spared.

Comments closed December 2011:

I’ve closed comments on this post. It draws a variety of comments that range from odd to disturbing. The blog post was written tongue-in-cheek after the dogs ate some furniture. Any dog owner could relate to this. Some of the commenters seem to be filled with a lot more vitriol on the subject.

Chase Dog Izzy Family

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