Defensive Domain Names

I purchased in April 1999. I’m a little surprised that it took me until 1999 to buy my own last name. It seems odd to me now that I didn’t buy it in 1995 or so, when I clearly knew that this whole Internet thing was real. Luckily I beat a Thingelstad in Norway who had to settle for in June 2000.


I recently filled out my personal domains and grabbed as well as These were imminently obvious. It also seems to me that if you care to own your identity on the Internet you should make sure to own your full name. As such, I also own,, and

Lastly, I have to deal with a name that is long and not easy to spell. The most common misspell of my name is to transpose the e and the l. So, I also now own,, and These all just do a permanent redirect to the real domain.

GoDaddy really loves me. :-)

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