June 14, 2008

Daddy’s Girl Turns Three


Today my little girl turns three years old! Happy Birthday Mazie!

Mazie has been blowing my mind lately. This morning she told us my birthday is June 14.” I know I easily suffer from being an overly Proud Papa, but she is making leaps and strides in so many areas. Clearly we are witnessing geometric growth. Perhaps this all comes at the expense of some other development. She did just figure out how to jump not that long ago.

In addition to her big jumps in vocabulary, her turn to three has also brought with it some gaming. Now whenever I tell her she can’t do something or cannot have something, apparently Daddy is saying bad things.” Mazie is clearly establishing her own ideas and opinions and deciding what she wants to do and may, if she feels like it, take some input from you.

In return for this I now get a wonderful Love you Daddy” at bedtime. I melt on the spot. She’s a little sweetheart with her super grin, chipped front tooth and all.

Mazie is getting to celebrate her 3rd birthday in Las Vegas. We planned this stop on the Summer of Love so that she could have her day. No driving. Morning in the pool. Chocolate cake. Presents. Whatever she wants to do. She’ll have great stories to tell her friends. Most people don’t get a Las Vegas birthday until there 20s.

Happy Birthday (Maze|Sweetie|Pumpkin Pie|Goofball)! I love you! — Daddy

Some of Mazie’s Favorite things: Mac & Cheese from Yum!, Lion, Chocolate Cake, Mango, Ralph’s World, Charlotte’s Web, Curious George, Elmo, Water, Playing in Water

Some of Mazie’s Unfavorite things: Green stuff on her Mac & Cheese, Milk (except chocolate milk), Stopping to Play to go to the bathroom.

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