April 23, 2008

Al’s Breakfast

A few days ago I got a hankering for hash browns. It seems most breakfast places have moved to potato wedges which are a far, far cry from hash browns as they were intended to be. I was thinking hash browns, and got thinking about Al’s Breakfast. It had been a few years since I had been to this college mainstay so I emailed Jim and Kent to see if they wanted to hit Al’s for breakfast before work soon. Off we went!

Photo from Al’s Breakfast page.

It turns out that this was a big trip to Al’s. Jim had never been and had wanted to go for years and years. Kent wasn’t sure if he had been there. He thought no but let’s just say his recollection was foggy. We all had a great breakfast. I couldn’t resist ordering a single whole wheat wally black” and one of their great omelets. And of course, with a side of hash browns.

Aside from the food, the place is a total dive. :-)


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