December 6, 2007

Pleo Hatches

After months of waiting Pleo has finally arrived! Pleo is the first robot from Ugobe.


It seems not many people had pre-ordered Pleo (according to Jyte). Of course there were only 2,000 of the special First Hatch” editions available.

I charged Pleo’s batteries and woke him up for the first time. So far I’m pretty impressed. Ugobe has done a great job of getting Pleo to convery a variety of emotions. I took him to work today and people had a great time playing with him. He’s already learned several new motions and actions. I had read another blog post saying that they thought he was really loud. Granted you can hear the servos, but I don’t think they are too loud. Engadget has a nice write-up on Pleo.

I’ll post more on my first few days with Pleo later, perhaps with some video.


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