August 18, 2007

Mario Strikers Charged for Wii

62.jpgI just got this game. I’m a total noob” and am horrible, but if you want a laugh my friend code is 232036 674634. We’ll see how I do with this, I’m not great at the Madden games and this is a sports game, but it’s got a lot of play in it.

I’m not really understanding why Strikers doesn’t just use whatever existing friend connections I’ve established on my Wii. I’m excited about Super Mario Kart coming to the Wii later this year, and am now wondering if it to will have a 12 digit friend code. We’re going to drowned in ridiculously long strings of numbers on the Wii!

By the way, my Wii system code is 4563 6523 0984 7710. That’s really easy to remember too right? It feels like I have a bunch of old Compuserve email addresses. :-)

Wii Techie

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