May 19, 2007

Jon Stewart Stand-up Night

jonstewartrichardavedon.jpgLast night we went to see Jon Stewart do his stand-up show at the Orpheum downtown. I’m a very committed fan of The Daily Show, and some friends (here and here) and I got the opportunity to actual see a taping of The Daily Show a few weeks ago. Stewart’s delivery is a riot, and his writing team is top notch.

A friend of Tammy’s saw that he was coming and called us up to see if we wanted to go. There wasn’t much thinking required — of course. The show was great.

He came on stage with almost no introduction, just five or six words, no warm-up act, he just walked out and started throwing out some great material. I laughed so hard that at the end of the 90 minute performance I was hoping he would stop soon because I was just wore out!

In addition to the expected political bits he did a great riff on dealing with technology that had me nearly delirious. He also seemed to leave Minneapolis with an impression that we have hallways connecting people to Hooters restaurants”.

Also, by far the most popular t-shirt at the show…



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