February 13, 2007

Everyone Votes on Wii

Can I just take a moment to say that I’m hugely impressed with what Nintendo is doing with the Wii. I fired up my Wii tonight just to play for a bit and decided to do a system update. I wasn’t expecting one, but found 2.0U was available. I then stumbled into the Shopping Channel and found a new free download in Wii Ware called Everyone Votes. Today was the first day it was available, and I hadn’t heard anything about this.

There is nothing amazing about this new game, but I think it flexes the muscle of the Wii so well. The premise is simple, you answer either/or questions and then predict what everyone else will answer. You play with your Mii. Questions are bounded in regions (states for the US). There are also international questions and you can even suggest questions.

I answered the launch questions and suggested another question. I just love that Nintendo is really thinking outside the box” as it were with the Wii. No other game manufacturer would think of something like Everyone Votes.

Links to more about Everyone Votes: Wii Nation, Wii Nintendo, Go Nintendo.

Note, you have to do a system update to 2.0U in order to install this. Make sure to do an update before going to the shopping channel.

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