December 4, 2007

Copyright Notice in RSS Feed

fingerprint.gifIf you are reading via the RSS feed you will notice that I have added a copyright notice creative commons license to the feed, along with a digital fingerprint and for fun the IP address of the machine that pulled in your RSS feed. I’m doing this to fight back against website hijacking.

I’m noticing a lot of my content being stolen via my RSS feed and then republished on spammer websites. This is a slimy practice and is a growing trend. Lorelle wrote on this at some length recently. I decided to do something about it with the (C)Feed WordPress plug-in.

I went out of my way to just put the copyright notice creative commons license in a regular HTML block at the end of the post. I decided to post about this to encourage others to consider adding this if their content is being stolen, and to let you know why the copyright notice creative commons license has appeared.

Creative Commons WordPress Techie

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