March 25, 2007

Bye Bye iMac G5

It’s been just over two years since the Mac invasion of my house began with my first Mac in over a half-decade, the sleek 20″ iMac G5. I bought it as a toy really — it went on the desk next to the kitchen. I knew I could run Firefox on it and that I could remote desktop to my real computer” in the office to do real things”. So it started.

Now the Mac’s outnumber the PCs in the house. The Mac Pro has taken over that real computer” in the office. My laptop of choice is my MacBook, leaving the Sony Vaio to run Quicken mainly.

It was time for it to go. My sister needed a computer and the iMac still has a decent amount of life left in it. Plus it was the only PowerPC machine in the house. Apple announced the switch to Intel just months after I got the iMac G5. I’m going to hold out for a couple of months to get the rumored newly redesigned iMac. It should also come with Leopard. Until then my MacBook is going to be chained to the desk by the kitchen pinch hitting.

Apple Techie

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