August 8, 2007

24″ iMac in the House

5 months ago I said goodbye to my iMac G5 and sent it on to live happily with my sister. After it departed the MacBook took it’s place and started being permanently anchored to the kitchen desk. I’ve been holding off on replacing the iMac until Apple released the next model of iMac, which they did today. A quick trip to the Apple Store this afternoon and I’ve got the brand new 24″ iMac setup in the kitchen office.


The form factor of the new iMac is just great. The aluminum and glass are great. The new keyboard is a double take” experience — amazingly thin. I just had enough time to set the machine up and get it powered on tonight.

I also picked up iWork 08 and iLife 08. I’m particularly excited to play with Numbers and the brand new iMovie.

Apple Techie

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