November 19, 2006

Wii In The House!

Wii is in the house! Yeah!

Nintendo Wii

Okay, so it only took about a week for me to turn into a total fanboy in regards to the Wii. Really, I became a bit obsessed with it. (This is when the folks that know me pretty good shake their heads back and forth.) Alright, enough about me, how about the Wii?

I played with it for a little bit today and the most impressive thing is the controller. The free motion” moves are pretty amazing and bring you into the gameplay in a way that no other game system ever has. Tammy and I spent the first hour with the game just playing the included Wii Sports. Tennis, boxing, even bowling are pretty fun and the motions are life like.

Tonight I spent a bit of time with Madden 07 and again the motions of the controller made the gameplay so much cooler. To pass the ball, you throw your hand. To kick, you swing your arm. Very nice.

I got Zelda, Madden and Rayman with the unit. Haven’t played Zelda yet, saving that for when there is more time. First impression of the Wii — it’s a winner.

PS - The order that Tammy placed got canceled. They apparently didn’t have enough units.

Wii Techie

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