December 30, 2006

Weather is freaking me out

Alright, the weather is really starting to bother me. Today, December 30th it was 41 degrees while we were driving around this afternoon and it was raining. This wasn’t a normal” winter rain. This rain felt like April showers. Nice big drops with a regular patter on the street. It’s December! Where is the snow!? I realize talking about the weather is so very Minnesotan of me. The faithful readers of this website probably care about my weather as much as what I had for lunch. But I must comment anyway.

I read a great article in last issue of The Week about depression rates being high in Moscow because there was no snow! This is the warmest winter ever for Moscow and the days are so short that the lack of the snows reflective qualities results in their rarely being any light.

What in the world is going on here. Take a look at December with this graph.


For the whole month of December the weather has just hovered in these ridiculously high ranges, barely dipping below freezing at night.

Enough already, let’s get some snow!

Dear Diary

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