March 26, 2006

Solar Project Update #2

After much consideration and a meeting with our contractor I’ve decided to change the location and configuration of our solar array. I posted previously about our solar project and mentioned I had concerns about how the panel array looked.

We are going to change from the eight 4 x 6.5 foot panels that we have now to five 4 x 8 foot panels instead. The panels will be relocated to the front roof of the house, to the left of the skylights when facing the front of the house. We’ll be dropping our panel footage from 208 to 160 square feet in the process, but will still get a lot of heat collection.

The new location will make the panels only visible from the front of the house, and will not disturb the outline of the house as they will be completely on the roof face.

This will result in a 4 week delay to the project to get the new panels, but considering this is something that will be in place for years I want it to be right.


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