August 27, 2006

Jump into 802.11n

While getting the Internet side of life setup while on the Great Adventure I made a trip to Best Buy to get a wireless router. The apartment has broadband (of course), but it terminated to a single ethernet cable and being tethered to a desk with only one laptop simply wasn’t acceptable. I’ve got my two laptops here, plus the work one, and sofa computing is a must.

I really debated at the store. I grabbed a WRT54GS and was going to walk out but I already have a WRT54G at home and it seemed lame to get something with nothing new at all. So, I decided to jump into the world of 802.11n with the WRT300N. On top of it? It has a super cool antennae array on top. ;-)

I also grabbed a 802.11n PCMCIA card for my laptop, WPC300N, and I’m all up and running. Of course, I have no local servers here that can actually test the speed that I now have, but it will come in handy at home since I’ve found even 802.11g to be too slow for mutlimedia content or even RAW digital photos.

The setup was simple on the WRT300N, no complaints. The chassis is the same as the WRT54G with a nicer front facia. It also comes with a clip so that you can side mount it.

I did miss the opportunity though to get a router that would support IPsec and allow me to build a VPN tunnel back to the home network in Minneapolis via the ZyWall. It would have been cool, but there wasn’t a clear option in the price range I was willing to jump into.


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