October 8, 2006

Georgia Aquarium

On the way back home from the Great Adventure we took a slight detour through Atlanta specificially to see the new Georgia Aquarium. This is the largest aquarium in the world, and after our visit I was very glad we took the detour. If you are in Atlanta, this is an absolute must see.

I’ve seen several aquariums and always enjoy them, however the Goergia Aquarium sets a new level that all others should aspire to. When you enter the aquarium you come into a space that is relatively dark and at one end there are two aquariums on either side of a relatively small door. The two aquariums have schools of fish swimming with the current toward the door. You join the fish and enter an amazing space.

This aquarium will likely always be known for it’s monstrously large viewing window in it’s equally large oceanarium. This 6 million gallon saltwater tank has a viewing window that is 23 feet tall and 61 feet wide (oh, and 2 feet thick!). You could spend an afternoon in front of that window, it’s incredible.

However, my favorite tank was the reef tank. I love reefs and theirs was the best I’ve ever seen in an aquarium. The design of the tank was great, and the health of the fish and the reef was exceptional.

I could go on and on but words aren’t as good as pictures for this type of thing. Unfortunately the Georgia Aquarium website has almost no good photos. Luckily, flickr comes to the rescue with great photos.


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