September 10, 2006

First Two Weeks

I just put up a bunch of pictures from the first two weeks of the Great Adventure. These were edited down by Tammy, which is far superior to me and means you actually get pictures of people instead of just things.

Other updates from the first two weeks:

  • One of the memory sticks in my MacBook seems to have died. I isolated the bad DIMM and I’m back up and running on the single good DIMM. I had to head to Radio Shack for a very tiny screwdriver. I’ve already files for an RMA. Luckily I have multiple laptops along so it was all fine.

  • Mazie has learned lots of new words. She’s learned please” although it sounds like plea” and she now appends it to everything she says — which is very cute.

  • This tiny 2-bedroom apartment is actually starting to feel like where we live. Scary.. I miss our house.

Also, happy to say that I’ve been sticking to my weight loss program with good diligence and I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks. Yeah!

Day 17 of the Great Adventure is starting with Grandma Kaye and Aunt Angie visiting. We are heading to the Bronx Zoo this morning!


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