East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 32

We spent Monday walking around Charleston in the historic downtown area. We took a drive around for a while to let Mazie get her nap in and then headed out on foot to explore. The historic downtown area of Charleston is really interesting. You pretty much trip over historical landmarks at every turn. We walked down most of King Street, which has a ton of shopping. Tammy was feeling in need of some shopping opportunities.

We had lunch at Sermets Corner. The food was great. I recommend the sweet potato french fries. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking down East Bay street, and then down Market street.

Market Street was a bit of a trip. They have a big open air market there selling cheap “stuff” (nice way of saying mostly junk). However, the history of the building is that it was where slaves were sold after getting off slave ships. Being a “yankee” as I am, it is a bit of an eye opener to see so much of the legacy of slavery surrounding everything. So much of what you see is bittersweet – I find myself wondering how much of this was built on the backs of slaves. Too much, to be sure.

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