September 9, 2006

East Coast Adventure 06 - Day 12

On Day 12 of the Great Adventure I pretended like I was an average east coast commuter. I had a 9:00am meeting in New York City so I took the trains into the city. I got to Princeton Junction when I should, managed to avoid the local train and take the express that came a little later but got me in earlier. The ride was actually a pretty pleasant hour.

I always hear stories about how people are working away on the train into the city. My observation is that sleeping is the #1 favorite activity. I managed my way through Penn Station in NYC to get to the E train and make my way to where my meeting was. It took me 3 hours to make it to my meeting, and I was 15 minutes late. Crazy.

I took a few wrong turns and I’m sure I could have shaved 30 minutes off of that easy, but it’s pretty crazy to me that people out here do a 2 hour commute without even blinking. 4 hours every day spent just moving your person from one location to another.

I didn’t take the train home, but didn’t leave the city until 7:00pm so I got back to the apartment around 9:00pm.


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