November 27, 2005

tis the Season

The holiday season is now officially upon us. We were at Southdale today and Mazie got her first picture with Santa! She didn’t have a lot of things on her list, but I clearly heard Santa mentioning something about the Teletubbies.

She had a great time today going around to different places and getting carried around by Mom and Dad. Such a cutie!

Santa’s little stand there had several print options, along with the option of getting a CD with the Hi-Res Digital Photo” on it. I asked what resolution it was and none of Santa’s little helpers knew. They were shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel, so I asked if it was just native resolution of the Rebel. They figured yes. $26 later I have a CD with a 3.15 megapixel image on it. Now, that may be Hi-Res” to some, but it’s practically a camera-phone in my book. Grrr…


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