February 27, 2005


For some reason I feel like writing something on my website tonight but I don’t really have a specific topic to write about. Usually I only post very topical things. We did this or that. Or we went to this place or that place. Pretty standard, if not a little boring, stuff. So, I’m just feeling like rambling a little bit.

I’m almost over my obsession getting Road Sign Math launched. The site is completely done, I opened the store and now it’s just time for more content. We are taking a road trip to Colorado and New Mexico at the end of March and I’d love to get a mathematically significant road sign in each state. One can only hope! :-)

Speaking of that trip I’m really excited about it. In New Mexico we are going to stay at a B&B that caters to amateur astronomers. I’ll likely bring my telescope along and they host nightly star tours. The skies in New Mexico and it’s location are ideal for astronomy. I’m looking forward to it greatly.

Tammy and I went to see Hitch this afternoon. The movie is generally bubble gum for the mind, but it was pretty funny. I burst out in some gut laughter a few times. Of course, I’m a big fan of Kevin James from King of Queens. Guy is a riot.

While we were out we stopped by Barnes & Noble. I picked up the new Willie Nelson and Green Day CDs. I got off the Green Day train a while back after they became multi-platinum rock star heroes. I used to see Green Day at the Whole when I went to the U of MN and have liked them forever. The new CD, American Idiot, is surprisingly good. Willie’s new CD, It Will Always Be is also great. He’s just amazing. All of his songs are stories and they are so heartfelt.

There, I’ve gotten my urge to put something up on my site out of my system. I’m going to go off to other activities and stop boring you all. I won’t stand to be disparaged.

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