[Moron] Dad Tip

I’ve commented before on the incredibly poor quality of reading materials for dads-to-be. One of the books that we have been following week-by-week of the pregnancy has these inane “Dad Tip” sections in each week. This weeks was so crazy to me that I just had to share it. From Your Pregnancy Week by Week the “Dad Tip” for Week 29 is

After the baby is born, you may want to take time off to help out at home and to be part of your baby’s early development…

This is the 5th edition of this book by the way. It was published in 2004! Now, I realize that there was a day and age when a new father may simply get a call from his wife in the hospital and go visit after work, but wasn’t that like 50 years ago or more! It seems rather insane to me that a father would need to be “tipped” to take some time off when his new baby is born.

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