Landscaping Wonders

Last year we had the landscaping in front of our house redone completely. We used a small, native landscaping firm called Go Native. Native landscaping means that you only work with plants that are native to your area. The great thing about this, other than being ecologically “correct” is that you end up with landscaping that is lower maintenance. We’ve been loving it, and we know this year will be the “worst” year, if you can call it that. The first year all these native plants spend the majority of work establishing their root systems. Next year, they should all come up very strong. We’ve already had a multitude of flowers. It’s been fun to watch everything come up and develop.

Before, our landscaping was boring and dull. When we sat down with our landscaper she said that with our native plantings we would get a lot of birds and butterflies visiting us. We certainly haven’t been let down. We’ve got a constant array of visitors gracing us with their presence. I love it. See photos with bees harvesting pollen, a great yellow bird that visits us often and a huge monarch butterfly that stopped by.

| 2005 |