July 17, 2005

Go George! Hincapie Wins Stage!

Everyone, really, anybody knows Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France.Not everyone knows one of Lances close friends and longtime teammate George Hincapie who took his first Tour de France stage win today on the Queen’s Stage” (thus named for being the hardest day of the tour).

George got in an early breakaway with a number of riders and he hung on the whole day. With only he and Oscar Pereiro left in the final 2km he was able to take the win.

Lance winning the tour at this point is almost a guarantee. George taking the stage was a complete surprise and a huge win for him. I cheer for Hincapie all spring as he tries to win the big spring classics, and I still hope that he will win Paris-Roubaix before he decides to hang up his wheels. But hat’s off to him on an amazing win today.

For more Tour de France info, check out TdF Blog.


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