March 27, 2005

Getting There

We drove yesterday for just under 14 hours to get to Denver. We had driven this route before and we both swore we did in in just over 12 hours but there seems to be no way that that could be the case. We arrived in Denver around 9pm and made our way to the Cherry Creek North area. We discovered this area when we were here on our honeymoon and really liked it. Right now we are just on a quick rest stop though, spending the night and then heading this morning to our farthest destination in New Mexico at the Star Hill Inn. Another five hours of driving, plus or minus, in for us today.

We are heading shortly to the Eggshell restaurant for breakfast and then head out of town. Yesterday’s massive bout of driving had the positive side of giving plenty of opportunity to play Road Sign Math. Amazingly, we only grabbed two valid winners, I’ll post them later. Road Sign Math is a lot harder than it seems at first glance. I hope to find a winner in each state we visit.


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Stargazing Night Two We spent the daylight hours today looking around northern New Mexico. We went in a big triangle from Las Vegas, NM to Taos, then over to Santa Fe