November 13, 2005

Construction Zone

Our house has been a construction zone this last week, and will hopefully start to wind down after this next week. We scheduled a number of projects to occur right now.

  • We are completing the 3rd phase of our landscaping project and they are installing a stone path with stairs in the back. This is totally smooth and hardly impacts us at all since it’s outside. They should finish this coming week and so far it looks great!

  • On Tuesday we had a new furnace and air conditioner installed. Our old one was going and we wanted to put in a higher efficiency unit. This went well and is now done after a couple of follow-up visits to make sure everything was done. We have a 96.2% efficient furnace and a 15+ SEER air conditioner now.

  • We had new shower doors put in the master bathroom. We now have the glass-style doors like nicer hotels have. This is a nice upgrade and completed on time.

  • We are having a new roof put on as well. This one started out very poorly with bad communication with this contractor and the crew not showing up for the first two days. Things are turning better though as of today. More communication and it looks like they should (weather permitting) finish by Wednesday. I really underestimated what a headache this one would be, it’s a huge mess.

  • The roof is in preparation for the installation of solar heat next. We wanted to get the roof redone before doing the solar projects (we are also considering solar electric) so we wouldn’t have to redo it all in a couple of years when it will be a lot harder. The solar heat will go on in mid-December but they are prepping the roof now with the appropriate pipes and moving things around.

I don’t know how people put up with remodeling their entire house. I’d be a basket case.

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