May 8, 2005

Bad Leadership

It’s really hard for me to stop reading a book. Once I start I feel like I’m obligated to finish it. Usually this isn’t a problem because overall most books are worthwhile. However, sometimes I get stuck on a book. I start it, but it doesn’t catch me or it’s just not that good. As a result I just let it sit there. However, now I’ve committed to that book so I don’t get another one out. This results in a stall in my reading that can last months.

Such is the case with Bad Leadership. Mostly I found this just to be a bad book. The pitch is fine — we should focus on bad leadership to learn how to be better leaders. That makes sense. However, the author expands a topic that should be a lengthy essay into a full book. She does so by including example after example of bad leadership. Some of these stories are interesting in their own rite, but that’s not the point of the book really.

Anyway, I finally cleansed myself of this one. Decided it was okay to not finish it and have moved on to my next read.


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